Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah


Picnic At Tikuji ni Vaadi

* All the women, children and Champaklal went to picnic at Tikuji ni Vaadi.
* All the male members remained at home (because earlier they had said NO to picnic to their wives.)
* In the Picnic, Gogi (Son of Mr. and Mrs. Roshan Singh Sodhi) fell asleep in a rubber tube and there was chaos because everyone thought he went missing.
* This prompted all the male members to quickly reach the spot, only to find out that everything was well and fine.

Navratri in Ahemdabad

* Some of the female & some of the male members of Gokuldham Society had gone to Ahmedabad to enjoy the Navratri festival.

Gogi goes Missing

* Rita Reporter gives all the children of Tappu Sena a chance to appear in the a TV Commercial called ‘Choco Day’
* During the auditions all the members of Tappu sena gets selected (Except Gogi, son of Sodhi).
* Because of this Gogi is upset, because he couldn’t appear on TV like his friends.
* To cheer him up, Tappu makes a plan, that they’ll hide Gogi in the empty apartment (where Kerry used to live earlier) and then Rita Reporter will telecast the report of missing Gogi on the news channels and thus Gogi will apper on the TV channel just like his friends!
* Finally, Champaklal discovers their plan and exposes them all in front of society and they’re punished. After that the director of ‘choco day’ calls Rita Reporter. She then tells him that the TV ad director has an add for a sardar and asks him whether Gogi can do that ad and he obviously agrees.and finally gogi is happy.

Swimming with Babita

* Babita joins as a swimming coach for Silver club.
* She also gets other women of the society to join the club to learn swimming.
* Jethalal also wants to learn Swimming from Babita but he can’t, as Babita teaches only during 1 to 3 pm. At the club and during that time men are not allowed.
* However Jethalal infiltrates the club posing as a waiter. But ultimately he is busted when he tries to catch a peeping tom taking photos of ladies inside the swimming pool. Jethalal tries to grab him, but the bad guy throws him in the pool, so Jethalal’s fake beard is washed off and Babita and other members find that it was Jethalal as the waiter.
* However Jethalal saves his reputation by claiming that he deliberately had infiltrated the club posing as a waiter because he knew about that peeping tom’s activity.
* This episode ends with Bhide announcing to every member of Golkuldham Society that Jethalal will be given a bravery award on 26 January 2010. i.e. ??.??.?? – ???????? ????? ????????.

Makar Sankranti in Ahmedabad

* Daya’s mother had called the whole Gada family to celebrate Makar Sankranti in Ahmedabad.
* The whole Gada Family goes to Ahmedabad for this purpose. But then they come to know that Daya’s mother is in Allahabad!!

Laughter Club by Taarak Mehta

* To make everyone relax Taarak Mehta opens a laughter club in the society.
* Members of the society laugh as loudly as possible.
* While laughing, Dr. Hansraj Haathi goes ill and each and every moment he just laughs.
* This laughter of Dr. Hansraj Haathi creates a bang in the society.
* Each and every member tries to solve this great problem but don’t succeed.
* Later Taarak Mehta thinks for a plan which works out and Dr. Hansraj Haathi’s laughter STOPS.
* Later the gents come to know the laughter was not because of club they had started, it was due to alcohol (bhaang) in a sweet (mithai) eaten by Dr. Hansraj Haathi.

Gokuldham Premier League(GPL)

* Conflict arises between Aatmaram Tukkaram Bhide and Jethalal Champaklal Gada. They decide to play a match of cricket between themselves.
* Like IPL, members of the society played in two teams.
* In Bhide’s team Tappu, Daya, Gajraj Hathi (brother of Hansraj Hathi), Mrs Roshan Singh Sodhi, Krishnan Iyer, Patrakar Popatlal, Anjali Taarak Mehta, Pinku and Gogi were there. Mohanlal was franchisee of Bindass Bhide (name of Bhide’s team).
* In Jethalal’s team Sonu, Madhavi Bhide, Mr. Roshan Singh Sodhi, Sehwag, Manhohar bhabi (wife of Gajraj Hathi), Goli, Monty (son of Gajraj Hathi and cousin of Goli Hathi), Abdul and Nattu Kaka were there. Babita was franchisee of Jabardast Jetha(name of Jethalal’s team).
* The lossing captain will clean the society compound with the broom as per the condition set by both the captains.
* Finally the cricket match ended in a tie (because Police came and asked them to stop playing, because of the Supreme court’s guideline on late night events after 11PM. ) and both the captains cleaned the compound with the broom.

Valentine’s Day

* The male members of the society were gossiping about their respective wives.
* None of the couple were talking to each other due to this problem.
* Meanwhile, the TAPPU SENA comes to know this and plan for a program which would solve all the problem.
* They decide to plan a “SHANTI HAWAN” which would clear all the problem.
* This works and all the problems between the couple gets solved.
* In the evening there’s a special VALENTINE’s DAY program… and surprise guests – Sharman Joshi and Vatsal Sheth.
* All dance to the beats and end the program by enjoying it greatly.


* Jethalal was going to MahaBaleshwar to celebrate Holi with Babita.
* Iyer lies to Daya that he and Babita are going to MahaBaleshwar.
* Before Jethalal and his family were leaving for MahaBaleshwar Jethalal realizes that Babita and Iyer were not going to MahaBaleshwar.
* Jethalal then lies that he is unfit and they cancel their trip.
* Then Jethalal cannot celebrate Holi with Babita as he admits to be ill and is advised bed rest for 2–3 days.
* And adding insult to the injury, even Sundar’s friend ‘Bakaa’ is also shown putting color on the face of Babita during the Holi celebration while Jethalal is forced to watch it from the balcony because Daya had locked the door from the other side to prevent him from playing Holi.
* Later when Jethalal escapes from the house, Bhide told that it was 1 PM which meant that Holi had to be finished till that time but increased by half an hour more due to Jethalal’s plight that he did not play Holi.

Tempo At the Society Gates

* Earlier during a night, Mr. Champaklal (Jethalal’s father) spotted a suspicious person loitering around the society, hence he warned everyone.
* This prompted Mr. Bhide (Who also happens to be the Secretary of the society) to install barbwires in the compound wall.
* But on the next morning, when everyone woke up, to their surprise, a Tempo (one type of small truck) had crashed into the gate of the society and had completely blocked the path. So that no one could get in the society and no one could go out.

However the members of the society deviced tricks, like Tapu Sena (kids of Society) used the nearby tree’s branches to climb down.

* But while transporting Mr. Mehta using a portable-stairs above the compoundwall, Mr. Iyyer got hurt (it was later claimed that he actually broke his leg.)
* After this a doctor was called, and he was transported above the compoundwall via a tyre-swinging method deviced by Daya.
* After a while, Abdul inspected the tempo and found guns and granedes in it, but later police came and concluded that they were fake (perheps used for film production)
* After this, the original tempo owner came, and said that he had crashed the tempo because he was drunk last night.
* Although society members wanted to take him to the police, but Mr. Champaklal asked them to forgive him, since he said he’d never drink again and has a family to feed.

Thief on water saving mission

* after the previous ‘tempo stuck at gates’ episode, Tarak Mehta came back at night and saw that a suspicious person was climbing the wall, he called everyone.
* They caught the thief but it turned out that he wanted to shut down the main pipeline of the society’s overhead water tank so that next day, people would understand the value of water and will think twice before wasting it.

Exam Stress and Parent-Teacher Meeting

* All the parents of GokulDham Society were called in the school for PT Meeting.
* Sodhi had brought his jeep to carry everyone to school.
* But the tyre of the jeep got flat, and it took a lot time to get it repaired.
* Thus the parents went late to the meeting and the Principal told the Tapu-Sena members that they won’t be allowed to sit in the Exam if their parents didn’t come in 10 minutes.
* But after request from Tarak Mehta, the Principal starts the meeting and forgives them for coming late.
* Interestinly, during the meeting all the students from Tapu Sena get positive review by teachers except Sonu, who is otherwise a very brilliant student.
* The teachers warn Mr. Bhide that his daughter Sonu (who otherwise gets 1st rank in all exams) is not doing well.
* This makes Bhide very angry, and he scolds his daughter.
* Later Sonu goes missing and everyone assumes that she ran away from home due to Bhide’s harsh words, but in reality she had gone to her friend’s house for subject-revision before the exam.

Gokuldham Society wants to see IPL in stadium

* Upon request of Babitaji Jethalal arranges 11 tickets for the IPL match between Mumbai Indians & Kolkata Knight Riders. At the fag end of their plan, all women start withdrawing their interest to witness the matches stating their children’s examination as reasons. But Popat insists on his ticket, which enrages everyone. Finally their plan to visit an IPL match gets abandoned (without anyone knowing that Jethalal has not received the ticket)
* and adding insult to the injury, Jethalal is asked to pay 33,000 Rs. for the tickets by the agent of Mr. Nikhilbhai afterward.
* during this story thread, when everyone cancels the stadium event, Jethalal and other male members of the society decide to have a ‘party’ (drinking wine) at Taarak Mehta’s home since his wife Anjali had gone to visit a relative.
* But when these members come goto Mehta’s home after buying the liquor bottles from nearby store, they are surprised to see that Jetha’s dad Mr. Champak is already present. And this makes them scarred and embarrassed as Champak against liquor consumption.
* However they manage to hide the bottle (wrapped in a black polythene bag), by saying that, there is only cold-drink in it, and Mehta goes to kitchen with the bottle and brings cold-drink from another bottle from the fridge.
* But what did Mehta do to the liquor bottle afterward, did he throw it? or did he give it to Sodhi (who is a drunkard), is not disclosed in the story.

The Saree sale

* While Jethalal is busy on mobile phone, Daya wraps a saree (traditional Indian women’s costume) around his body. And Jethalal then goes to drawing room only to be discovered by Champaklal and Babita (who had come there to take address of Daya’s tailor.) This greatly embarrses Jethalal especially since his secret love Babita saw him in women’s garments.
* Later, Anjali’s friend tells her that a Saree sale is held in Mumbai, where Sarees worth 20 thousand Rupees are sold for merely 2000 Rupees.
* Anjali distributes this news to all the ladies of Gokuladham Society, who then decide to visit the sale, on the same day at 4 PM.
* although all other ladies manage to get the permission and money from their husbands, Daya isn’t so lucky, since she already got Jethalal embarrassed in front Babita during that Saree wrapping scene. So Jethalal denies permission to Daya for visiting that sale.
* But the women manage to buy saree on sale, which in turn out to be defective. Satyawan refuses to exchange. The women engage in “Garba Andholan”. Finally the intervention of Satyawan’s daughter to take promise on her head, brings the guilt in satyawan open.
* Message : Never buy anything without bills. Fight unto finish

Bhoot ki Kahaani

* Jethalal encounters a ghostly woman while returning from his shop one night. Champaklaal Gada first refuses to believe Jetha’s story. But he sees the woman in society compound in midnight. Then Bhide sees the ghostly woman and becomes ill but society people don’t believe them. When Tapusena is returning from school, Tapu finds two clues about the ghostly incidents and tells Rita Reporter. They decide to investigate and discover that they are part of a drug supplier gang who are trying to use Gokuldham as one of their bases because it is located near to the highway. How they discover this and how the culprits are arrested forms the crux of the story.

Gokuldham Sangeet Samrat

Broadcast from 27 September to 5 October. Gokuldham Sangeet Samrat was a song competition-cum-challenge performed by the people of Gokuldham. Its main judge was Anand Raj Anand; the famous composer and music director of Bollywood. In the final round; Tarak Mehta, Jethalal, Aatmaram Bhide, Mrs Hathi and Mrs Babita Iyer reach the final round and give great entertaining performances. Finally, Anandji declares Mr Bhide and Mrs Hathi as winners.

Marriage anniversary of Iyer family

Broadcast on 1–11 November 2010. Only fews days are left for the Marriage anniversary of Mr and Mrs Iyer. While Babita tries to make Mr. Iyer remember their marriage anniversary; Mr Iyer fakes and shows like he remembers nothing. He plans a car as a gift to Babita on the day of anniversary. He purchases a car with the help of Sodhi from a Peter Fernandes. But the police confiscates the car and throws Mr. Iyer and Sodhi along with Popatlal and Jethalal in jail. The inspector Chalu Pandey refuses to discharge them. Then Nattu Kaka is also arrested. Later the owner of the car turns out to be a relative of Mrs Sodhi. Acting as a rich Sheikh; Jethalal and his team are guided by Tarak Mehta and they finally catch Peter Fernandes and recover the four lacs given by Mr. Iyer.

Two Buyers One Flat

Broadcast on 11–17 November 2010 Bhide and Mrs. Bhide are trying to sell one flat when both Sodhi and Jethalal want to buy it they collect money from both by accident which results in an auction where everyone participates. In the end the flat owner keeps the flat.it was great.

Komals mission for goli to lose weight

Broad-casted on 22–24 November 2010 Golis weigth is increasing. Hans was sent to the docter because of weight in real life but in the seris Hans is in Pune for weight loss.As Hans is in weight loss camp Goli misses his father and insists that he’ll gain weight and go in the weight loss camp to meet his father. This gives Komal an idea to keep goli from increasing weight.As Goli is sad she calls Goli’s uncles Ganraj and vanraj Hathi.

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