Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah

Main Characters

Mehta family

This is the family of main protagonist Taarak Mehta and Anjali Taarak Mehta.

* Taarak Mehta played by Shailesh Lodha, is a very famous journalist and writes a humor column for a weekly magazine and is well known and respected in the world of literature. He is also the Narrator of the show who introduces all the characters to the viewers. Taarak Mehta stays in the same housing society as Jethalaal and other families. He considers himself very intelligent and can have endless discussions on all topics, which irritates his wife. He is very fond of giving advice & loves solving Jethalal’s problems. Jethalaal completely trusts Taarak Mehta and finds a philosopher and friend in him. Taarak Mehta is completely fascinated by this Gujarati Businessman. He is annoyed by his wife Anjali Mehta because of her tasteless salads, boiled foods and soups.

* Anjali Tarak Mehta played by Shweta Bhosle, is a young, sophisticated and modern woman. She is a dietician by profession and controls her husband Taarak Mehta’s diet as well.

Gada family

This is the Kutchi family consisting of Jethalal Gada, Daya Gada, Tipendra ‘Tapu’ Gada, Champaklal Gada and Sundar, Daya’s brother.

* Jethalal Gada played by Dilip Joshi, is an uneducated Gujarati businessman who is a god fearing , family loving man. He runs an electronic store Gada Electronics. He is a smart businessman who knows how to make money. Jethalaal keeps facing problems created by his innocent wife Daya, mischievous BrotherInLaw Sundar and naughty son Tappu. Jetha has an innocent crush on his neighbor Aiyyar’s wife Babita.

* Daya Gada played by Disha Wakani, is an innocent uneducated housewife. Her family is the center of her world. She loves her husband and is very respectful of Champaklal. Her stupidity makes life difficult for Jethalal. She is very proud of her son Tappu and her brother Sundar. Champaklal is a rescuer for her who shields her from Jetha’s anger whenever she creates trouble. Her over caring attitude towards Jethalal creates embarrassing situations for Jethalal.

* Tapu Gada played by Bhavya Gandhi, is Jethalaal’s 13 year old son – a very sweet, innocent, smart yet very naughty, mischievous, hyper active and ultra modern kid. Tapu is the ‘Hero’ of all the kids in the society. The kids have formed a group called “Tapu Sena”. He is very attached to his grandfather Champaklaal and respects his parents a lot. Tappu Sena is always active in solving problems of the society and taking new initiatives.

* Champaklal Gada played by Amit Bhatt, the father of Jethalaal, is an old wise man. He has a very loving personality. He treats his daughter in law Daya as his daughter and loves Tappu very much. He would get very angry if Jetha ever scolds Daya or Tappu. But he never ignores any bad habit or problem creating activities of Tappu and always teaches him the right things. He shares a love and hate relationship with his son Jethalaal.

* Sundar, is the only brother of Daya Gada. He is a very irritating person to Jethalal and always tries to rip off Jethalal’s pocket and avoids spending his own money.

Bhide family

It is a Maharashtrian Family, consisting of Aatmaram (Husband), Madhavi (wife) and Sonu (daughter). Aatmaram cares a lot about his society being the secretary of Gokuldham Society. He refers to himself as “Ekmev Secretary” meaning one and only secretary.

* Aatmaram Tukaram Bhide played by Mandar Chandwadkar, is a teacher by profession and runs a coaching class in his apartment. He is a man of principles and always refers to his younger days as example to everyone. He proudly introduces himself as the “Ekmev Secretary of Gokuldham society”. He has a constant problem with tappu and his tappu Sena. His daughter Sonu is a member of Tappu Sena and Bhide has a hard time facing Tapu Sena and their fun activities. Bhide has a love hate relationship with jethalal. They never leaves a chance to make fun of each other.

* Madhavi Bhide played by Sonalika Joshi, is a sweet lady who does a small business of “pickles and papad”. She involves her husband Mr Bhide also, in the business. She is very fond of Tappu. She is a good hearted person although she remains annoyed by Bhide’s extraordinary budget plans.

* Sonu Bhide played by Jheel Mehta, is the only daughter of Mr Bhide. She is a very sweet child, well mannered and cultured. She is an intelligent girl and very systematic. She is Tapu’s friend and Bhide is fearful that tapu and Sonu may become more than friends some day.

Iyer’s family

Consisting of Mr. Krishnan Iyer (Husband) & Babita Iyer (wife).Mr. Iyer belongs to southern part of India, while Babita Iyer belongs to West Bengal.

* Krishnan Iyer played by Tanuj Mahashabde, is a scientist and is not very involved in the society on a daily basis. His biggest irritation is the harmless flirting of Jethalal with Babita. His dark complexion and Babita’s milky white complexion creates an intriguing pair for the society. And the most disappointed is Jethalal.

* Babita Iyer played by Moonmoon Dutta, is the beautiful and modern wife of scientist Aiyyar. She has a very contrasting pair with her husband Mr Aiyaar. She is a figure conscious lady.

Sodhi’s family

They are a Punjabi-Parsi family. Mr and mrs sodhi have done love marriage.

* Roshan Singh Sodhi played by Gurucharan Singh, is a Punjabi garage owner. He owns a transport business. Mr. Sodhi is a very short tempered and aggressive man. He is also one of the wealthiest in the society but never shows his ego and is very helpful and jolly. he is a good friend of atmaram bhide and calls him ‘bhidu’

* Mrs. Roshan Sodhi played by Jennifer Mistry Bansiwal, is a Parsi lady and eloped with Mr. Sodhi. She is a sweetheart and very co-operative. She has a BIG problem with her husband drinking and often fights with him on this topic. She thinks of Daya as a sister and calls her ‘Dayaben’.

* Gogi played by Samay Shah, is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Sodhi. He is a cute child and a member of Tapu Sena.

Dr. Hathi’s Family

They are a family from Uttar Pradesh.

* Dr. Hansraj Hathi played by Azad Kavi, is a doctor who weighs 3452   kg, and is very fond of eating. He also keeps falling off to sleep in the middle of conversations. All the society’s residents go to him for medication. Most of the time he uses the dialogue ‘sahi baat hai’ (Translated: That’s right). But the funny part is, he keeps saying that to everyone even with conflicting views. Whenever he compares stuff, he uses food as his examples.

* Komal Hathi played by Ambika Ranjankar, is Dr Hathi’s wife and is always worried about the over eating of her husband and her son. She keeps making things for them to eat and tries to prevent them from over eating.

* Goli played by Kush Shah, is just as fat as his father and is a member of ‘Tapu’s’ gang. He loves to eat and keeps his focus on food in all situations.

Miscellaneous characters

‘Patrakaar’ Popatlal

He is a reporter who came back from Bhopal to Mumbai. He is a single man & always carries an umbrella with him. He is very thin, but always in mood to pick up fight with everyone. He repeatedly uses a dialogue “Main Duniya Hila Dunga” (Translated: I’ll shake the world.) and also a word “Cancel kardo” (Translated: Cancel this work). He works for the newspaper “Toofan Express”. Popatlal irritates everyone and that is why everyone ignores him.


He has a small shop near the gate of the society and is also a familiar figure in the society. In the evening, all the males of the society gather at Abdul’s Shop to drink soda. He is also the only Muslim member of the society.

Nattu Kaka

Nattu Kaka’s full name is Natvarlal Prabhashankar Udhaiwala. Nattu Kaka is the manager of Jethalal’s electronic store, which is called “Gada Electronics”. He is a very talkative person and Jethalal doesn’t like him. Most of the time he is requesting Jethalal to increase his salary, but to no avail. Many times, he acts out of his own whims in the electronics shop and comes in conflict with Jethalal. he is not able to hear properly some time. In the recent episode, it’s shown the Nattu Kaka used to live in Unaai town of Gujarat state and used to work as a female actress in ‘Bhawai’ (a form of traditional dance and drama in Gujarat state of India). His wife stays in Ahmedabad, while he works in Mumbai. That’s why he has to go to a Bhojnaalay (???????-dining house) everyday to get his meals.

Rita Reporter

Rita reporter in the society is a journalist of a channel “Kal Tak”. Any problem in the society, Rita reporter is there to take a report on it and telecast it live world wide. She always harasses every one by reporting the society’s problems to the whole world. She is a typical media person and makes every small happening a breaking news and always favours women power. Always fights with Patrakar Popatlal over issue of Print media vs electronic media.


Pinku is an active member of Tappu Sena. But the TV show never shows his parents. In Parent-teachers’ meeting, Anjali Taarak Meheta had to come as his guardian, since his parents were absent.

‘Matkaa-King’ Mohanlal

He is the kingpin on illegal gambling activity, and hence referred as ‘Matka’ king by other characters. He lived in GokulDham Society for some times although these days, his character is not shown.[3]
Episode-specific characters


She played a brief role of a foreign tourist who met Jethalal when he visited London.[4] While spending time with Gada family, Kerry (played by American Kari Irwin) starts loving the Indian culture and stay there with the family from Navratri to Diwali. The family also goes to Ahmadabad[disambiguation needed] with Kerry to celebrate Navratri, during this time, Patrakaar Popatalal falls in love with her, and tries to get married. But later it is revealed that Kerry was already in love with another man named Nilesh. After knowing this, Popatlal helps them get married.

Gajraj Hathi

He is the 2nd brother of Hansraj Hathi. He appeared in GPL1 and was in the society till his elder brother came. He is heavy compared to average person which is proved when he was refused to use Auto.

Manohar Hathi

She is Gajraj’s wife. Unlike Komal she does not allow her husband to eat how much ever he wants.

Monty Hathi

He is Dr. Hathi’s nephew and Gajraj’s son. Initially, he tried to get the Tapu Sena in trouble with Bhide though later realised his mistake and became good.

Vansraj Hathi

He is Dr. Hansraj Hathi’s youngest brother Vansraj Hathi. He came so that Goli would not miss his father. Gradually, even he is oversized and refused to use the taxi.


* During the ‘IPL Match visit’ episode, he promises Jethalal IPL cricket Match tickets.
* But he never said that he’ll give it for free, hence his man, later asks Jethalal to give Rs.33,000/- for 11 tickets.


* In ‘the Saree Sale’ episode, he sells defective sarees to the ladies of Gokuldham society.

Ajit Kumar

* He is Jeethalal’s friend who tells him about his fight with this wife indicating a risk to Jeethalal because even he had fought with Daya. This was telecasted on 30 November 2010.


* He is backfilling Natukaka’s absent at Jethalal’s shop. He is irritating jethalal so badly.

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